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During its research the Renewal Forum came across a variety of different tools and resources that were being used by states in their fight against the commercial sexual exploitation of children. With the belief that this information is best when it is shared, please find the material listed below. In exchange for these resources, the Renewal Forum request that if you are currently using a resource that is not on this page that you are able to share, please send it to

Academic Papers on how to create and perform assessments

Vera Institute of Justice assessment

Youth victims of DMST in Clark County- Salisbury & Dabney 2011

 State and Federal Assessments

Fed DHS Screening_Questions

Florida Human Trafficking Child Indicators

Indiana Screening

Mass Screening for Minor and Adults

Michigan Indicators of Sex Trafficking

TN indicators

WI Indicators- Interview

Wisconsin Assessment


Assessments created by Organizations and Universities

Covenant House Assessment

Loyola Building_Child_Welfare_Response_to_Child_Trafficking

Ohio State Uni HT Red Flags

Polaris Comprehensive Trafficking Assessment

Portland State Uni assessment

Renewal Forum Assessment

Shared Hope Screening Tool

Uni of Mass Lowell Pathways in and out of CSEC questionnaire

Vera Institute of Justice Adult and Child assessment

Referral Forms to Help Direct Victims to Services

Connecticut HT Practice Guideline November 2012

Indiana Adult Referral

Indiana Child Referral

Mass Referral for Minors

Mass Referral for Adults


Assessments directed for use by health care professionals

Health Issues for Trafficking Victims Indiana


Mass. Health Human-Trafficking-Guidebook


Assessments for Social Workers to diagnose their own services

Ohio Clinician Assessment

Ohio Self Assessment for Trauma Informed Services


*All of these documents are free available around the web, but the Renewal Forum has collected them here in one place for convenience, if you are the owner of the content and wish for us to remove it, please contact identifying which documents you wish to have removed and it will be promptly removed.

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