State Policy Responses

On January 10, 2015, by Ian Kitterman

During its research the Renewal Forum came across a variety of different tools and resources that were being used by states in their fight against the commercial sexual exploitation of children. With the belief that this information is best when it is shared, please find the material listed below. In exchange for these resources, the Renewal Forum request that if you are currently using a resource that is not on this page that you are able to share, please send it to

State Policies

Florida protocol

Georgia Recs

Indiana Protocol

Maryland assessment

Mass HT report

Michigan Human Trafficking Protocol

Minnesota no wrong door

Tennessee Human Trafficking Services Coordination and Services Delivery Plan

Washing protocol

Washington Revised protocol

Wisconsin Human Trafficking Protocol and Resource Manual

City Responses

Los Angeles policy response

Phoenix Response


*All of these documents are free available around the web, but the Renewal Forum has collected them here in one place for convenience, if you are the owner of the content and wish for us to remove it, please contact identifying which documents you wish to have removed and it will be promptly removed.



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